What is a psychic schema?

Psychic patterns are based on combinations of ancestral signs and archetypal symbols that correspond to possible neuronal pathways. These schemas are part of Damanhur's spiritual technology. 

Psychic patterns can be simply observed with attention, breathing deeply, or traced with a finger. The physical movement strengthens the signals that are transmitted to the neurons that can activate regeneration functions, expand sensory and psychic abilities. 

Just as acupuncture harmonizes the organs of the body by stimulating reflex points of the body's electromagnetic system, through the patterns it is possible to stimulate the formation of new pathways fin the brain. The duration of the connection depends on the type of scheme, and for how long the pattern is observed or finger-walked over time. This possibility is based on brain neuroplasticity, i.e. the ability of neurons to regenerate both anatomically and functionally, and form new synaptic connections.

The Schema of Connection with the Earth's Intelligence

This schema facilitates the connection to the Intelligence presiding over the healing of the Earth. It is the consciousness that can inspire new ideas, inventions and ways of living so that we can recreate harmony with the ecosystem. 

 This Schema of Connection with the Earth's Intelligence can connect you to the planets’ vital energies, to support its transformation and our awakening. It helps you permeate yourself with the spiritual energy that presides over nature, vegetation, and all the subtle forces connected to them. 

The more people use it around the world, the more this continuous flow of attention and intention opens a channel of energy and attunement with the Earth. If you trace it mindfully with your fingers, you can call synchronic possibilities into your life, and experience elevated states of consciousness.